Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Sexy Russian girl, Natalia Vodianova new Hot pics, photos, Video and news.

Hot Sexy Russian girl, Natalia Vodianova new Hot pics, photos, Video and news.

So a big swanky magazine has said that Natalia Vodianova is the world's best dressed woman...
But do we agree with Harper's Bazaar?
We feel it's terribly important to have our own opinion, rather than blindly following others, y'see.

While we think that Nat is an amazing model (she's had three nippers and managed to keep her bod for flip's sake), we ain't so convinced she's the bestest in the universe at frocking up.
One day she's uber fashionsta, but the next she's embarrasing aunt at a wedding.
But let's not make our minds up fully before looking at some pictorial evidence.

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Model Natalia Vodianova is making a shock return to the catwalk only three weeks after giving birth.

Russian beauty Vodianova, 25, will grace the runways in Paris at Valentino's final pret-a-porter show after giving birth to third child, Viktor, last month (13Sep07).

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Motherhood clearly suits the supermodel. A source tells New York gossip column page Six: "She's looking more beautiful than ever."

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January 28, 2008 -- RUSSIAN model Natalia Vodianova, 25, retired from the catwalk last week after walking in Valentino Garavani's final show in Paris. To celebrate, the mother of three is taking Valentino to Moscow for a week and then to Brazil for Carnivale. "She may do another show in the future," said a source, "but only for $500,000 or this large pink diamond she's had her eye on." The night of Valentino's last show, his longtime right-hand man, Carlos Souza, also retired, and his head of public relations, Annelise Peterson, left to join Alberta Ferretti next month.
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Natalia Vodianova never seems to age. After nearly ten years of modeling, she still has the same baby face and baby hips. Like, not the kind that are made for the having of babies (even though she's popped out three), but ones that a model for babyGap would take one look at and stop breast-feeding for a week out of sheer envy for them. Nothing she can do seems to shake that girlish figure. Vodianova gave birth to son Viktor on September 13, and while she sat out the New York shows in the fall, she hit the Paris runways less than three weeks later. This made us wonder about Vodianova’s other model-cum-mommy powers, so we went back and did the math on her past postpartum runway returns.

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