Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gina Gershon Responds to Bill Clinton Affair Rumors, the truth is...

Gina Gershon HOT Sexy Affair with Bill Clinton?
Gina Gershon is not standing for the little game of Telephone that Vanity Fair is playing at her expense.

You see, the magazine printed an article in which VF writer Todd Purdum spread, what he called, "high-end Hollywood dinner-party gossip," insinuating that Gina and ex-President Bill Clinton have been having this torrid love affair. The actress freaked from the story, siccing her lawyers on the magazine for their irresponsible journalism.

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"Rumor mongering was substituted for fact-checking," Gina's lawyers wrote in letter, says "It is apparent that Vanity Fair was intent upon publishing unsubstantiated rumors, and that it avoided learning the true facts so that the truth would not get in the way. Such conduct is reckless and malicious, giving rise to substantial liability for defamation."

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Gina insists that she had only been in Bill Clinton's presence on three occasions, and they were always art of a big group. She is demanding a retraction and a "sincere apology."

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