Monday, June 23, 2008

Alessandra Ambrosio pictures, photo and wallpaper gallery, news ...

Alessandra Ambrosio pictures, photo and wallpaper gallery, news ...

Pregnant with what, a peanut?! This shoot for the February issue of Ocean Drive Magazine must have been in the early trimester for Alessandra Ambrosio. If not, this girl has some genes I'd like to get a hold of. The whole article is in Espanol, but looking at that body, does anyone need words?

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Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has finally announced her pregnancy on her official website. Her and her boyfriend Jamie are expecting their first child. Alessandra wrote the following blog on her site: Hi everyone! First of all, i would like to wish a happy new year to everybody and say that i have been really busy working a lot. Also, I would like to announce some really great news! My boyfriend Jamie and I were surprised in the beginning of the year

Alessandra favorite beauty product is Victoria’s Secret Angel Moisturizing.
Alessandra plays volleyball and goes bodyboarding, snowboarding and inline skating. She is taking up surfing and has in interest in skydiving.

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Alessandra is anavid coffee drinker, and drinks up to five cups a day. She finds American coffee stale and not as strong as in Brazil. She also likes to drink tequila and caipirihnas – a native Brazilian drink made from cachaca.
Alessandra collects sunglasses and Barbie dolls.
Alessandra's favourite colour is pink.

Alessandra admits to having a celebrity crush on Johnny Depp.
Alessandra has launched her own line of swimwear called Alessandra Ambrosio by Sais. Which is sold on and other outlets.
Alessandra favorite designers include Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabana.

Alessandra regularly ranks as one of the most respected models in the world and scores high on various “sexiest” and “best looking” polls.
Alessandra was picked to be the spokesmodel for the 2004 Pink line by Victoria's Secret.
Alessandra walked the Victoria's Secret runway for the first time in 2001 and is still models for them.
Guess? Jeans signed Alessandra for their fall Millennium campaign in 2000.

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