Sunday, February 10, 2008

YOUNG Hot pretty Blonde and Sexy Russian super model: Sasha Pivovarova.

YOUNG Hot Blonde and Sexy Russian super model: Sasha Pivovarova. Hot & sexy blonde hair, blue eyes supermodel, Sasha Pivovarova: More Videos and more Picture download.

She will appear on the cover of Vogue UK February 2008. Born in Moscow, Russia, Pivovarova was one of those girls who never dreamed of becoming a model.

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Before she was a model, she was an art student in Moscow. Her current home in Brooklyn, New York doubles as an art studio
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Pivovorova said in a Teen Vogue interview, "I was playing with pencils while the other girls were playing with dolls." In her free time, Sasha loves to paint and draw. Her paintings are so good, that they were actually shown at a gallery in Paris. French Vogue also published some of Sasha's works. She often is seen with stencils, paints, and other art tools in her bag and is usually photographed backstage drawing something.

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