Thursday, February 21, 2008

Katsia Damankova photos and videos, a young Sexy beautiful Belarusian girl, supermodel.

Katsia Damankova photos and videos, a young Sexy beautiful Belarusian girl, supermodel. Katsia Damankova: The Next HOTTEST thing in the beautiful sexy girls on the fashion world. Here comes BelaRusian Hotness!

Damankova was discovered in a Belarus cafe while she was doing her homework over a cup of coffee. When an agent from Select in London approached, she politely took his card but made it clear that she didn't want to be a model.

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"She's different from most girls; she's laid-back and not at all carried away by money or celebrity. To be honest, it's kind of refreshing," Robertson says. "She's at least got to have an idea that she's going to place, if not win. And, I think she's prepared to win."

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After her mom convinced her to give it a try, Damankova signed with Select and did editorial work in Paris and Milan, and even scored a few well-paying gigs in her hometown.

To win this contest, she was picked out by a panel of 20 judges, including Katie Ford, the agency's CEO, and Eileen and Gerry Ford, the company's founders.


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So says Ford Models, which last night ended its 39-country model crawl in search of a gorgeous new face for their agency.

The judges unanimously voted on Damankova, a 5-foot-10 17-year-old high school senior from Belarus, as the winner of their 25th annual Super Model of the World contest.

"She has this very haunting presence, thoughtful eyes and a quiet, calm beauty," says Jade Robertson, a "new faces" agent at Ford models. "People in the street are in conversation with someone else, but they're staring at her. She's definitely a girl you're drawn to."

Robertson has been chaperoning the 39 girls, ages 14-21, during their weeklong stay at the Hudson Hotel. But, to her, it was clear from the beginning that Damankova was the girl to watch.

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