Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alessandra Ambrosio: Brazilian supermodel looked 'angelic' and beautiful in New York city

Alessandra Ambrosio: Brazilian supermodel looked 'angelic' and beautiful in New York city.
The 26-year-old Brazilian supermodel looked 'angelic' in a white strapless mini dress with a silver sequined banded waist showing a lot of her well toned legs. An exquisite white knit wool jacket with fur added to her allure even if it didn't keep her very warm.
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Ambrosio shares a New York City apartment with her lawyer sister Aline. She was recently spotted on a date with an unidentified male.

Alessandra Ambrosio was part of the deluge of Brazilian models that emerged after Gisele B√ľndchen opened the floodgates. One of the star models of that group, of which fellow Victoria's Secret/Guess? Model (and best friend) Ana Beatriz Barros is a member, the 5'10, light brown-haired Ambrosio accumulated quite a career in the late 1990's into the next century.

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Ambrosio was born in Exerim, Brazil, a small town in the south. As an early teen, she enrolled in a modeling class and subsequently was entered in the Elite modeling agency's 1996 Look of the Year competition. Though she did not win, she was offered an Elite contract one year after.

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