Friday, February 1, 2008

Sexy young european supermodel, Sasha Pivovarova: Photo and video.

Sexy young european supermodel, Sasha Pivovarova: Photo and video.
What is a Prada ad without Sasha Pivovarova? The Russian model has fronted Prada ad campaigns for several seasons now, can you imagine one without her?

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In fact, Prada loves Sasha so much that they’ve used multiple images of her for their Spring/Summer 2008 ad campaign shot by photographer Steven Miesel. And I think it works! While I was unsure about the collection when I first saw it on the run.

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Pivovorova said in a Teen Vogue interview, "I was playing with pencils while the other girls were playing with dolls." In her free time, Sasha loves to paint and draw.
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Her paintings are so good, that they were actually shown at a gallery in Paris. French Vogue also published some of Sasha's works. She often is seen with stencils, paints, and other art tools in her bag and is usually photographed backstage drawing something.

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