Thursday, May 15, 2008

Katsia Damankova sexy photos and videos, a young Sexy beautiful Belarusian.

Katsia Damankova sexy photos and videos, a young Sexy beautiful Belarusian.

"Katsia damankova's so beautiful that people turn around to see her. In the hotel, walking down the street, people can't stop staring at her," Ford says. "She has every quality it takes to be a model; she photographs incredibly, has a great body and she wants to be a model."

And, unlike the catfight between America's Next Top Model winner Adrien Curry and Tyra Banks, there is a history of success with this model search. Brazilian bombshell Camila Finn, last year's winner, was booked exclusively for the fall 2005 Calvin Klein shows. And Ukrainian beauty Nataliya Gotsiy, the winner in 2003, has appeared in Vogues around the world.
Ford says Damankova reminds her of Renee Simonsen, the Danish model who won the contest in 1982.
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Katsia Damankova photos and videos, a young Sexy beautiful Belarusian girl, supermodel. Katsia Damankova: The Next HOTTEST thing in the beautiful sexy girls form the East side of Europe. Here comes BelaRusian Hottie!

"She has this very haunting presence, thoughtful eyes and a quiet, calm beauty," says Jade Robertson, a "new faces" agent at Ford models. "People in the street are in conversation with someone else, but they're staring at her. She's definitely a girl you're drawn to."

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But don't expect to see Damankova's soulful brown eyes staring down at you off of a billboard anytime soon; she'll be doing the graduation walk before the catwalk. After she gets her high school diploma, Damankova will relocate to New York City, begin working on her portfolio and be shown to clients in time for the spring 2007 fashion shows.

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Robertson has been chaperoning the 39 girls, ages 14-21, during their weeklong stay at the Hudson Hotel. But, to her, it was clear from the beginning that Damankova was the girl to watch.

"She's different from most girls; she's laid-back and not at all carried away by money or celebrity. To be honest, it's kind of refreshing," Robertson says. "She's at least got to have an idea that she's going to place, if not win. And, I think she's prepared to win."

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