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Hot sexy beautiful Russian, Natalia Vodianova nude Photos and beautiful images.

Hot sexy beautiful Russian, Natalia Vodianova nude Photos and beautiful images.

Natalia Vodianova gave birth to their son Lucas Alexander Berkeley Portman on December 22, 2001, and posed with her baby in Vogue magazine. In September 2002 Natalia and Justin married in a lavish ceremony in St. Petersburg.

Soon, Vodianova's phone was ringing off the hook. Gucci made her the new face for their perfume line after she had more than 40 runway shows under her belt, and then Calvin Klein called to hire her for their big Spring show. She was officially the hot new face in town and even made a brief appearance in Roman Coppola's film CQ with Billy Zane.

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When she was 19 years old, she made headway in modeling but still had not made it big. For some time, she was distracted however, after falling in love with and marrying British real-estate heir the Hon. Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, a half-brother of the 10th Viscount Portman.

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Now, with campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein's collection and his fragrance, Euphoria, and Miss Sixty to her name, Vodianova is a true supermodel. In October 2005, Natalia and her husband announced they are expecting their second child.

So as you've probably guessed, we're all in a tizzy getting ready for Fashion Week. We've started getting our invitations, we're assigning photographers, and we're going through the schedule and castings. As we looked at agency DNA's list of models who are up for gigs starting next week, we spotted a familiar name: 25-year-old Natalia Vodianova. The beauty from a destitute Russian village turned British aristocrat’s wife is among the lovelies.

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It got us thinking about how Vodianova never seems to age. After nearly ten years of modeling, she still has the same baby face and baby hips. Like, not the kind that are made for the having of babies (even though she's popped out three), but ones that a model for babyGap would take one look at and stop breast-feeding for a week out of sheer envy for them. Nothing she can do seems to shake that girlish figure. Vodianova gave birth to son Viktor on September 13, and while she sat out the New York shows in the fall, she hit the Paris runways less than three weeks later. This made us wonder about Vodianova’s other model-cum-mommy powers, so we went back and did the math on her past postpartum runway returns.

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