Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tara Stiles: The hottest Yoga teacher ever! photos and videos.

Tara Stiles: Hot, sexy, cute and beautiful Ford model. The hottest Yoga teacher ever! photos and videos.

Ok, she is not a super duper model, but she is cute and sexy as hell. A beautiful keeper, I say.
My friend e-mailed me the clip and I thought, Yoga teacher?!! HOT!

Here is Tara Stiles showing us Yoga routine to exercise your wrist for people who's on the computer all day long. Very useful to watch and sexy!

About Tara:
From a small town in Illinois. Her mom's side of the family runs a farm in Southern Illinois. She studied dance since age 3 and performed professionally as a ballet and modern dancer which led her to be signed by Ford models in Chicago as a teen where she started working professionally as a model and in commercials. She studied acting in New York where she landed her first film roles and continued to model and star in countless television commercials

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