Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doutzen Kroes: Beautiful supermodel : Muse of the week.

I decided that I should create a theme for these beautiful ladies on my blog.
I will call it "Muse of idrawgirls."
Today muse is Doutzen Kroes

Anyway, she is a Dutch super model, I first saw her image in GQ and cannot believe how fresh, unique and very beautiful her feature is. Here it is, very inspiring for me. ART!

Here she is on German TV interview.

Get this: It's been shown in some recent studies that we make snap decisions about people based on facial expressions and body language that takes place in less than the BLINK OF AN EYE. Literally.

I just finished this great book, "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a study of how the human brain makes all these complicated decisions without us even knowing about it.

In his book, he talks about these indicators and signals that we don't know we're seeing, but we're making judgments about other people based upon them.

Now something I want to add to this is that women are making them about YOU without you knowing about it.
Learn to avoid mistakes MENs always make with attractive women.


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