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Lyndall Jarvis hot beauty blond sexy calender girl

Lyndall Jarvis hot beauty blond sexy calender girl
New face of hotness Lyndall Jarvis is a South African model and was an FHM Calendar Girl.

Lyndall Jarvis was made part of the game Metal Gear Solid 4 where character Laughing Octopus /Laughing Beauty was created from her.

More on MGS 04 -Four beautiful women gathered from around the world. Each one has been mentally violated by the horror of war. As their sole means of survival, they are modified into the ultimate bio-mechanical arsenal: The Beauty and the Beast Corps. Can Solid Snake finally uncover their humanity and rescue them from their lucid nightmares? Or will they simply be another notch or four on the casualty list?

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Director Hideo Kojima’s vision, he commissioned four real-life beauties and used advanced modeling and digital photography techniques to have them provide the framework, so to speak, for the feral four.

We know some of the powers displayed by each beastly beauty, and the references to famous and infamous Metal Gear Solid bosses and Snake Eater pathos. What of the beauty beneath the beast? Let’s take a closer look at the models who have gamers head-over-heels in love with their rampant murder mixed with a dash of stylish mangling and post-traumatic stress echoing in their desensitized mechanical hearts.

Birth Place: Houtbay, Cape Town, South Africa
Height: 5′ 9” (175 cm)
Character Modeled for: Crying Wolf

Arguably one of the more mysterious hotties in the modeling world, her sky-blue eyes and pure blonde hair make her instantly recognizable, almost in an other-worldly way.

Her first major assignment came in December 2004 when she appeared on the cover of Blunt magazine. Her mother agency is Outlaws Models Agency located in Cape Town, South Africa, but she has since been recognized by NEXT Model Management, a large multi-national modeling conglomerate with head-quarters in cities like New York and Paris, to name a few. She’s currently based in Los Angeles but returns home regularly.

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Jarvis has promoted several brands such Levi’s, Must Be, Guess and Bebe since her modeling debut, the latter two for which she currently has contracts with. Not much more can be said about Jarvis – this goddess amongst winter angels hasn’t even revealed her age (not that her age is showing even one bit).
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However, besides her three sizes rounding out at 34-24-34 and slim size 4 figure towering over the other girls, the ever-smoky effect of her eyes denote both her seductiveness and chastity at ease with a confidence that comes naturally.

Watch her video:

At request, here’s South African beauty Lyndall Jarvis - she’s not just any beauty, she’s FHM South Africa Sexiest Woman in 2009.
And here are the pictures to prove her title from the August issue of FHM!

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