Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gemma Ward as Dollface in the Strangers, hot sexy girls in creepy horror flick

Gemma Ward, Aussie sexy model Blond Doll, as Dollface in the Strangers, hot sexy girls in creepy horror flick

HAVING made her modelling millions from her doe-eyed doll face, Gemma Ward will embody the persona in her next step towards Hollywood stardom.

Ward has been cast in the role of Dollface in American teen slasher flick The Strangers, playing a masked intruder opposite box office pullers Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.

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I wanted to make a quick update to say that “The Strangers” is out friday. Make sure you go and support Gemma in her first ever silver-screen role. I know I’ll be out with my friends, supporting Gemma’s role on friday! So, make sure you go and check out the film too! I’ll back be later with a review of the film, and Gemma’s performance!

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Gemma is in the a fantastically creepy horror flick based on the very simple premise of strangers who come knocking late at night. Kristen (Liv Tyler) and James (Scott Speedman) have arrived at a secluded vacation home in the woods after attending a friend's wedding. It's four in the morning, and they're both tearful and emotionally exhausted after a disagreement about their relationship. As they awkwardly try to navigate the long night together, they are distracted by the sound of a heavy knock at the door. They open it to find a dazed young woman hidden in the shadows. Assuming she is lost, James sends her away, but Kristen is disturbed by the late-night visit. When James leaves to go on a drive and pick up some cigarettes, Kristen is left alone, and we watch her move through the huge house in a painfully eerie silence, all the while knowing that she is being watched.

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Is "The Strangers" inspired by other movies? Asked by if he was influenced "by the film" (never named), Bertino answers, as only someone young and innocent could answer: "I don't necessarily think that I looked at it, you know." The necessarily is a masterstroke. He adds: "I'm definitely influenced by like '70s genre stuff in general, structure-wise." Bertino adds: "I read Helter Skelter when I was like 11. That was where I first started getting interested in the idea of people just walking into a house that you didn't know.

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