Friday, December 7, 2007

Myspace hottest, and sexy woman, girl, and lady photos and pics: T Valentine

Myspace hottest, and sexy woman, girl, and lady: T Valentine. Hottest, sexy photos of selected the most beautiful and young model of myspace and online web photos!!!

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"I consider myself very spiritually enlightened, but i want to keep growing and expanding my knowledge in that area. I am a Wiccan/Toltec/Gnostic. (it saved my life) I am looking to connect/make friends with like-minded people. Please message me if we have that in common."

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IF i could live in a hut, away from the population, i would. i would smoke cigg's all day (or quit 'cause i wouldn't have stress), love my lover, read books, meditate and have picnics, i would, oh how. but money makes us do funny things. "

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"like engage and partake in the rat race. im in the race, im running in this wheel. but i still day dream about that hut. that hut is alive in my imagination, when i meet you, your most likely invited in. One day i will live there."

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